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" Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

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V - 4        March - April  2014         N - 2


HGRBS Rocks w/ Google Translate!

Courtesy HGRBS News

The"Google Translate" hyperlink, when referred to by directing the arrow of your screen to it as it appears on the host web page, instantly displays a drop-down list of all the major languages, representing every country in the world. All one does is:

1. locate his/her language on the drop-down list

2. click on it

3. watch the text of the entire page magically transform successfully translated from English into his/her own language


Another Milestone in Service
For HGRBS this is another milestone (perhaps among the most significant) in that this represents a crucial wakeup call and a reminder in that although the official language of the U.S. is English, its people embody the languages of the entire world. Hence, the network has fine tuned all its pages and those directly associated to be more accommodating to its vastly linguistic and colorful constituency.

The public is invited to the network's flagship website for a demonstration of what "Google Translate" actually does. To see, interested parties need only go here:




HGRBS is a national home services network against home improvement fraud in America. We represent the interests of our homeowners and homerenters against corrupt contractors and people like them. We offer online.......

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Special Security Message 

Please, do not select and hire anyone to do any work in, on, or around your home without throughly reseaching them.  This cannot be stressed too much.

Apparently, of the millions of honest and loyal residential contractors in our country, there are approximately better than one hundred thousand who are corrupt.  This is a reason it can be a great idea to take measures to ensure that the work you need done will be as good or better than you imagined. So here's to your project success for 2014!:

1.  research contractors thoroughly

2.  be certain they are operating well within the law of your state

3.  do not make any sudden or overnight decisions on contractors

4.  get several bids, from several different contractors

5.  check out all references

6.  Keep in touch with HGRBS (we are part of your back up crew)

HGRBS - Copyright 2014 - All rights reserved


Spotlight on Home Fraud



Welcome to our new section which features introductions to select real stories of home maintenance and improvement fraud concerns in our country. These have been recently revised to entail:

a. One story chosen from each of the two months previous to each current edition of this bi-monthly newsletter

b.  One story for the first month of the current bi-monthly edition 

c.  One story from the second month of the same edition as it becomes available

The design is to share moments in the lives of other people of the private home sector which can have useful significance on your decision to hire contractor to work in, on, or around the premises of your home.




Trick on the Side

Gradually, from place to place and from state to state, spring is springing into season. Before you know it, it will be summer all over again.

Quite obviously, although home maintenance and improvement demands arise during all seasons, they begin to do so along with the temperatures around spring, peaking during the summer, then falling as fall approaches.

Now is a great time to start getting the exterior projects done.  For some, it is nearing or the time for siding. But before you decidee on who is going to do yours, maybe it would be a good idea to check out this story .......

 2014 he was finally charged.

Credit: Patrick Johnson, reporter, The Republican 



$5761.96 minus itself = $5761.96

Do you consider yourself a math whiz? whether or not that's that case, hoiw do you subtract $5761.96 from itself yet still get the same positive amount? Better yet, how do you subract any number (+) from itself but get te same "+" value? Eaaasssyyyy!

A year ago this month, a Jasonville jhomeowner paid a contractor $5761.96 to set up and install a garage addition but it ended up being for this resident a "subtraction", instead. The contractor got the money, the homeowner got nothing. He didn't do the work.

Hence, for the homeowner, the value of the $5761.96 (+) in view of the circumstances transformed from an asset (+) to  a deficit(-) yet to the contractor it equalled the same(+) . So the equation: (asset - deficit) = asset  or + ($57671.96) - ($5761.96) = $5761.96.

Here is a simpler version...........


Credit: Anna Rochelle, co-editior, Greene County Daily World 

 " Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Mahatma Ghandi



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HGRBS appeals to you as a caring individual to volunteer some of your time to hand share self-empowering flyers with the private homeowners and homerenters in your neighborhood.

This will go long ways towards being of more assistance to the people of your state. Please, volunteer in this way, as well.

All systems are go. Please, download, Printout, and Make Copies of either of the Flyers (PDF) below. Please, share them among your neighbors. Welcome to the action! Thanks.....


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