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Good Contractors Wear Belts, Too

For sure, as many times as we caution against doing any advance disbursements, they find their ways to the front of the project, anyway. But, like all great advice: some will heed, others will bleed. Yet it is certainly good to know that in spite of the worst case scenarios, there are always those who are available to help dress your wounds, lift you up, land motivate you towards recovery. All it takes is connecting to the right source about it. How does “Boynton Beach” sound to you? Let us go there..

Credit: Josh Repp, reporter, CBS-12


Government Boutique

[This is the newest section for this periodical. We feel that it is really great to share something directfromgovernment representatives and offices from the various states.  What have they got to say and do about issues of home maintenance and improvement in the private home sector?  Residents want to know. We are opening with the County of Nassau, New York]:


(New York)

Recently, a man was sentenced in that county to 3 ½ to 10 years for scamming reportedly six different private homeowners in Nassau County.  Here are a few excerpts of this public information:

“MINEOLA, N.Y. – Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced that a former Suffolk County man was sentenced today for scamming 13 Nassau County residents for a total of $582,340 by charging for work he never performed, and collateralizing an investment with a property he never owned.”

 “DA Rice said that Delmaro, an unlicensed contractor doing business as New York East Coast Roofing Corp., performed home improvement work in 2007 for an Old Westbury man. In addition, Delmaro asked the victim to invest money into the defendant’s business. After seeing the projects that Delmaro was working on, the man gave the defendant a series of checks drawn on checking accounts belonging to his wife and daughter. The total amount of money invested was $392,590.”

The complete report: Office of the Nassau County District Attorney



We are assuming you are a homeowner or authorized homerenter with that residence being right here in the states. Let us go farther to surmise that you are really aching to have your kitchen & Bathroom remodeled/renovated. However, you really have no idea as to how much that is going to cost. In fact, you do not have the slightest notion if whether the contractor you e-mail or speak with over the phone is a scoundrel  or honest and true.

Well, here’s the $45,000.00 question: How would you respond to a contractor who offers you a package deal (renovating both kitchen and bath) for only $45,000.00? Would you do 50% down and 50% later? How would you do it or would you do it at all?

Ready to see how this question and those related are resolved? Here’s the story:

Credit: Debby Abe, L&I Public Affairs.



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Special Security Message 

Please, do not select and hire anyone to do any work in, on, or around your home without throughly reseaching them.  This cannot be stressed too much.

Apparently, of the millions of honest and loyal residential contractors in our country, there are approximately better than one hundred thousand who are corrupt.  This is a reason it can be a great idea to take measures to ensure that the work you need done will be as good or better than you imagined. So here's to your project success for 2014!:

1.  research contractors thoroughly

2.  be certain they are operating well within the law of your state

3.  do not make any sudden or overnight decisions on contractors

4.  get several bids, from several different contractors

5.  check out all references

6.  Keep in touch with HGRBS (we are part of your back up crew)

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Please, handle this document with utmost care. 


HGRBS is a national home services network of volunteers. We support the rights and privileges of American homeowners and homerenters towards safer and more effective home improvement policy.

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