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V - 11        November - December 2014         N – 3

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Please, Share Your Experiences …

This Month “Happy Homes U.S.A.” is 3-years-old. It originated as both a hardcopy and an online monthly newsletter (now only  an online read-on-demand periodical) which would feature all sorts of articles written by American homeowners and homerenters whom’s residences are in any and all of our 50 states.

Yet, as you can see, it has evolved somewhat from that original idea to what you’re viewing at this moment.

I’ve always been intrigued by how so many of us (millions) pour literally whole hours, days, weeks, and  months at a time into chatting online about everything but the challenges of home improvement with respect to the issues and concerns we’ve got with the contractors who are selected and hired to do our home projects.

As-is, most certainly this remains an extraordinary center for sharing information and ideas. These, of course, are related to various aspects of home maintenance and improvement in our country……..more

Government Boutique

[It’s truly a blessing to have this opportunity to share yet another story or more about how seriously our government officials and appointees are taking matters of home improvement. It helps remind us that government of the various states does more than just care about these circumstances ….. government acts.


                                                                                            (New Jersey)

Attorney General Commemorates Two Years of Sandy Fraud Investigation and Prosecution

“Today our focus has expanded to all aspects of fraud, especially financial and home improvement fraud, where shameless individuals have attempted to take advantage of those made so vulnerable by this tragic event and have forced us to divert resources away from those most deserving of aid to track down conscienceless thieves and fraudsters.”

Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman

Credit: Caitlin Brown, Staff Reporter – Patch Network – New Jersey




Madigan Alerts Champaign Area To Home Repair Scams

Attorney General Warns Champaign-Urbana Residents to Reports of Driveway Paving Scam

“Any time someone solicits repair work by going door to door and asks for large sums of money upfront, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. … … I encourage anyone who has received such a solicitation to call my office and file a complaint. Do not work with these individuals.”

Attorney General Lisa Madigan – Illinois



Special Holiday Message

Holidays are the prime steak of lots of business endeavors. Please, toss residential contracting into the picture, as well. These are times when we are so elated by the great holiday effects that we do not see the snakes. Blame it on the better mood or the lowered guard.

However, of the millions of honest and loyal residential contractors in our country, there are approximately better than one hundred thousand who are corrupt. This is a reason it can be a great idea to be certain that your holidays will be as good or better than you imagined by always being certain to:

1.      research contractors thoroughly

2.      be certain they are operating well

within the law of your state

3.      do not make any sudden or overnight decisions on contractors

4.      get several bids, from several

different contractors

5.      check out all references

6.      Keep in touch with HGRBS (We're part of your back up crew)

e-mail: home-services-support-unit@hgrbservices.net 

Facebook is YOUR PAGE. It is specifically made available to U.S. residents who are homeowners, homerenters, or who have those aspirations. HGRBS is only the steward of it. Primarily our job is to help keep it clean and relevant to home maintenance and improvement POLICIES. There is no other Facebook page which is so specialized. We greatly apologize for not emphasizing that sooner. Fill 'er up! This is the place for it! Let them know who You are!

 Ultra-modern Home Policy Initiatives


Home Services Requisition

The “Requisition” is a crucial control tool used by nearly evry successful business operation, from multi-billion-dollar corporations to mid-sized, small, and micro-mini businesses. Whuy? The reason is that it enhances control over spending. Whemn you are unable to control ur cash outflow or disbursements of funds, what do you think can happen? Of a few things, you can go broke. Yet, in more extreme vernacular: Bankrupt.

Your home is the most important business in the world. It is your “personal business.” Your happiness in the home setting largely hinges on how well things are organized and operated on a daily basis. This HGRBS home services “Requisition” is one of your key links to successfully controlling your disbursements.

For more info on this and for your free download for making copies of the HGRBS home services Requisition: Ultra-modern Home Improvement Policy



From Heavenly Homes to Hell Houses

Homeowners of an Edmond, Washington private home community who ae 55 years of age and over are up in arms over Shea Homes’ evidenced neglect building their homes a few years ago. Residents are suing because these homes weren’t built consistent with the geographical requirements of their area of the Pacific NW. In short, their homes, completed band new four years ago, are now in such structural states that if given enough windstorms and/or a slight earthquake like the region was experienced in 2001, they’d tear apart and scatter. See how this incredibly shocking story unfolds:

Credit: Sharon O’Malley-Contributing Editor for "Contraction Dive." 


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

                                                                Leonardo da Vinci


HGRBS is a national home services network of volunteers. We support the rights and privileges of American homeowners and homerenters towards safer and more effective home improvement policy.

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HGRBS is a national home services network of volunteers. We support the rights and privileges of American homeowners and homerenters towards safer and more effective home improvement policy.

To this effect, we offer online.......

· Free Advice

· Free Consultation

· Free Support

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