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"Your Support Network Against Home Fraud"



HGRBS is a privately held home services  network of volunteers against home improvement fraud in America.  Our constituency is comprised of homeowners and homerenters who happen to live here.


Our mission is to ...

1.  connect with U.S. private home residents to share information crucial to making more discreet home maintenance and improvement decisions.

2.  support our citizens by every legal means permissable through being proactive and responsive to inquiries regarding the hiring of residential contractors before, during, and after any related agreements between them.


We realize that, on the overall, from the newest volunteer community advocates to the oldest and highest ranking elected officials that the predations of corrupt residential contractors and imposters on private residents is unacceptable.

We also understand that each of us, as American citizens, has a role to play in supporting the intents and efforts of our government towards the comforts and conveniences of the home setting.

We acknowledge, respect, and honor our government's concern and related activity, from state to state and collectively,  one nation under God.

Finally, we have concluded that in order to help our government do more for our people against home improvement fraud in our country, we must do more as citizens to voice our concerns...not only by our words....but by our actions.  To this end, we speak and act.



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We are blessed and honored by your interest. Thanks for stopping by.

Nevertheless, this is pretty much straight forward. No hoops. Briefly, as a Volunteer Associate, your primary objective may very well be to do whatever you safely and reasonably can to share information with the homeowners and homerenters of your state. This wonderful data you gather and disseminate will go a long way to help them avoid home improvement fraud and (when required) what you share will effectively dispense with the challenges which can often occur when your residents are victimized.

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